Instagram’s Influence on Mental Health


Instagram’s Influence on Mental Health

There’s an ongoing debate on whether social medias have a negative influence on us or not. Initially, people have embraced the possibility to connect with all friends and make new acquaintances with users from every corner of the world, but the picture began to change as soon as more and more teenagers started using social networks. Parents got concerned about the time that children were spending in the online world, worried that their focus was drifting away from the real world. If you dig some articles on the internet on whether social media has a negative impact or not, you will get thousands of contradictory materials. On the one hand, you can use social media for connecting with interesting people and promoting your business or your art. On the other hand, social media can be a total waste of time. But there is one social network that gathers more and more claims that it impacts its users negatively. You’ll get over 30 million results if you type “Instagram and mental health” in Google’s search section, with most of the articles claiming that Instagram is the worst social network for your mental health. So, let’s check out how bad is Instagram and how it is affecting your mental health.

Instagram's Influence on Mental Health

Social Networks and Mental Health

Of course, parents may worry, but parents are not psychologists, right? There is no reason to smile, as after reading this article you may reconsider how often you scroll through the pictures on the Instagram, as it turns out that this app may cause certain issues related to mental health. According to the report by the Royal Society of Public Health in the United Kingdom, shows that Instagram is the worst app for the youth’s mental health. Over 1,500 participants of the survey conducted by researchers, pointed out that they mainly experienced anxiety and depression while using Instagram. Using Snapchat or Facebook gives you less anxiety then Instagram. By the way, the only media that gives people positive feelings, according to the survey, is YouTube.

Instagram Related Issues (from


So, what are those Instagram related issues everybody is talking about? It is unlikely that you will day after using the app, but it turns out that you may easily damage your well being.


  1. Feeling of Inadequacy


Looking at pictures of beautiful girls with perfect bodies should be the reason to improve yourself. Was that the main idea behind Instagram? We don’t know, but we know that the actual effect is the opposite. A lot of people experience higher levels of anxiety and feel as they are not good enough. They feel that they don’t fit the society of the beautiful ones.


  1. Platform for Bullying


Cyberbullying can often be spotted on Instagram. Of course, you can report bullies’ profiles or block them. You can simply ignore the bullies, as well…if you are an adult. But when you are a teenager the attention of other teenagers is very important to you, thus, if you get nothing except negative comments, it is easy to consider yourself to be absolutely worthless. To cut the long story short, cyberbullying may culminate into the suicide of an Instagram user.

  1. FOMO


FOMO aka Fear of Missing Out is another issue that comes from using Instagram. The worst of FOMO is the fact that it impacts your dating life. What do you do online? Scroll, scroll, and scroll for new feeds because of FOMO, you don’t want to miss anything. Same goes for your dating life, you change and change date-mates in fear that you may be missing anything.